We are offering discounts again for members prepaying dues.  There will also be a discount on prepaying carts this year if they prepay dues. All members have the opportunity to prepay membership dues through January 31, 2017. Current members with past-due accounts must be paid up to receive prepay discounts.

All prepaid dues need to be paid at the pro shop to either Bill Robinson or Julie Olson. Please call ahead to ensure their availability. 

​     2017 Pricing
Full Golf: Prepaid $1,915.20 or $199.50 monthly
   (Includes both courses)
Senior Golf : Prepaid $1,663.20 or $173.25 monthly 
   (Age 62 & older. both courses)
Single Golf: Prepaid $1,663.20 or $173.75 monthly 
   (Age 35 to 62, both courses)
Junior Executive Golf: Prepaid $1,411.20 or $147.00 monthly
​   (Age 35 or younger, both courses)
Week-Day Only: Prepaid $1,512 or $157.50 monthly
  (Monday through Friday, includes both courses).

Cart Fee: Prepaid $1,272 Single, $1,696 for Two
​   (Member One Round Cart: $17 per person; not included in golf pricing)

Range Fee: Prepaid $300 Single, $375 for Two

GHIN Golf  Handicap: $25

Tennis Membership: Pre-Pay Only
   (For Golf Members: $100 for year)
​   (Non-Golfers:$450 for year)

Swim Membership: Pre-Pay Only
   Golf Members: $100 for year
   Non-Members: $600 for year

    ****** Taxes included in the pricing listed above ******
*** Membership is an annual contract through December 31 of the current year***7
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